Founded in 1876 the Appalachian Mountain Club has been active in the White Mountains long before any of us were born. They're members maintain the trails we hike, build the sites we sleep in and make all of this possible. We strongly suggest you support them by becoming a member

The 4000 footer club


The official website of the 4000 Footer Club. Once you complete the 48 peaks you can register with them to join the official club and go to the once early new member induction where you'll get an official patch for completing the list.

Also on the site is their official list of summits and more information on other hiking feats.


The Terrifying 25 is a super cool list of hikes in the White Mountains that have been deemed "terrifying" for one reason or another. Think: caves, cliffs, steep slopes, you get the gist. Having done a good number of these I can tell you they are a unique bunch of hikes that you should check out.

You can also get a sick patch for completing the list.

Offering guided outdoor adventures such as hikes to any of New Hampshire's summits at any time of year (giving one a fish), as well as wilderness education courses offering the necessary skills to do for oneself (teaching one to fish).

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