The Pemi Region

The largest region of 4000 footers in the White Mountains. The Pemi region centers around the Pemigewasset River, and spans from the Hancocks in the South to the Twins in the North and from Franconia Notch to the Presidential Range.


Lafayette 5260' 

Lincoln 5089'

South twin 4902'

north Twin 4761'

carrigan 4700'

bond 4698'

west bond 4540'

garfield 4500'

liberty 4459'

hancock 4420'


The Presidential region

A bunch of mountains named after old white guys. The Presidential Range is the crown jewel of the White Mountains. It is home to the five tallest summits in New Hampshire, including Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the North East. It's steep, rocky and pretty darn intense. Ideal for peak bagging, multi-day trips and traverses.

The Southern REgion

Just because these peaks are South of the Kangamangus Highway doesn't mean they're slouches. Many of these mountains feature steep inclines towards the top and in some cases rock scrambles (Whiteface comes to mind). With trailheads closer to sea level you are still netting some serious elevation changes.

eastern region

Positioned directly opposite the Presidential Range, the Eastern Region is a batch of tough but well worth it hikes, nearly all of which have awe-inspiring views of Mt. Washington and Tuckerman Ravine. Amongst these 6 peaks their are several other very enjoyable summits below 4000' or in too close proximity to a counted 4000'er.

wildcat 4422'

wildcat d 4062'

moriah 4049'

western Region

Have you ever been served a beer at the top of a mountain? That is an option in the Western Region. What is a skiing hub during the Winter is also home to some spectacular hikes. Even though the Old Man may have fallen (God rest his soul), there is still much to see in the Western White Mountains

North Kinsman 4293'

Cannon 4100'

Moosilauke 4802'

south kinsman 4258'

NoRthern Region

The odd couple on the Pliny-Pilot Range. Far up North there are two more peaks higher than 4000 feet. They are often overlooked but should never be forgotten, especially if you are intending on completing all 48.