Looking down to the West from Field

Looking down to the West from Field

Mount Field (4340')

Smack dab in the middle of the Willey Range Mount Field is a great peak to grab in addition to others in the area. Due to it's location it is accessible from the North or South with 4000's in both directions.

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From the Crawford Notch Parking area take the Avalon Trail for 1.2 mi.

Take a left (South East) to continue on the Avalon Trail to the summit of Avalon

Continue for 1 mi. past the summit of Avalon on the Avalon Trail and you'll arrive at the summit of Field.

Consider taking the Willey Range Trail 1.5 mi. to Mt. Tom then taking the A-to-Z Trail 2.2 mi. back to Crawford Notch

Most Direct Route:

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