On the Bondcliff!

On the Bondcliff!

Approaching Bondcliff from Bond

Approaching Bondcliff from Bond

Bondcliff (4265')

One of the most otherworldly spots in the Whites. The whole approach and summit makes you feel like you are in a fantasy novel. A sharp cliff overlooks the miles of Pemi wilderness as well as the summits of Carrigain, the Hancocks and the other Bonds.

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Bondcliff is in the woods, which certainly adds to it's majesty but also makes it a bit harder to do in a day. The most direct route Has you going over 4 other 4000'ers. It's a challenge, but well worth it.

From the North Twin Trailhead hike 3.3 mi. on the North Twin Trail to the summit of North Twin.

From the summit take the North Twin Spur 1.3 mi. to the summit of South Twin.

From the summit take the Twin-Way South East for 2.0 mi. to the summit of Mt. Guyot

From Mt. Guyot take the Bondcliff Trail 1.3 mi. to the summit of Bond

Continue on the Bondcliff Trail for 1.2 mi. from the summit of Bond to Bondcliff

Most Direct Route:

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