Breaking Trail for Breakfast: The Sunrise Shack

Heading to the Northern Whites to bag some peaks? The Sunrise Shack is my personal favorite spot for breakfast before a big hike.


If you are heading North on Route 16 to do some hiking you'll likely pass what I believe to be the best breakfast joint in the valley, The Sunrise Shack. 

The Sunrise Shack sits on Route 16 just before the junction between 16N and Route 302. So if you are heading to the Carter Range, either side of the Presidential Range or the Willey Range you will be passing right by.

There is no better place to get some coffee down and fuel up on protein and carbohydrates before a big day out on the trails or slopes.

My personal favorites are their Breakfast Bowls with scrambled eggs and meat options. A great thing to have on board while hiking. The Los Hueves Rancheros Bowl has black beans, green chiles, salsa and avocado and is absolutely delicious. If you are feeling a little more carnivorous try the aptly titled Carne Bowl with sausage, mushrooms, scallions and American cheese. 

They are open until 3:00 pm and have wide selection of beers, in case you're coming down from an overnight and looking for a great lunch and some beers on the way home.

The Sunrise Shack, Glen, New Hampshire reviewed on WCVB Chronicle TV show.